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Empowering Tech Ventures: Accelerating Innovation and Growth with X-Tech Funding

How to X-Tech

At X-Tech, we fund & empower tech companies with innovations & relatively short time-to-market to reach liquidity situations. We believe that our experience, process & connections, would open doors & provide portfolio companies with the X factor to grow quickly and efficiently. 

Unlocking Growth Opportunities

We believe that our extensive experience, streamlined processes, and wide-ranging connections can provide portfolio companies with the X factor they need to grow rapidly. By opening doors to opportunities and offering strategic support, we aim to accelerate the growth trajectory of tech ventures and position them for long-term success

Empowering Tech Ventures with X-Tech Funding

At X-Tech, we specialize in funding and empowering tech companies with innovative ideas and short time-to-market strategies. Our goal is to help these companies reach liquidity situations quickly and efficiently, enabling them to thrive in the competitive tech landscape

The Fund

In the expansive realm of investments, we aim to emerge as the leading pioneers

We specialize in identifying and investing in cutting-edge technologies that shape the future. From AI, IoT, and communications to smart energy solutions, electric motors, transportation, and defense, we are committed to harnessing the power of innovation to drive transformative change.



Recent investments​

Explore our latest investments, driving innovation and growth in cutting-edge industries

MIA Dynamics

To create a new standard of efficiency & resilience that will proliferate cities globally with our collection of revolutionary micro e-vehicles that bear our unique green footprint. ​ The MIA Dynamics brand will be a leader in contributing to a cleaner environment, and delivering an exhilarating riding experience that is safer and smarter. investments in proven and profitable alternatives. We pride ourselves on our leverage,  expertise and dedication to turn your investment successful. X Group brings exclusive access to hidden opportunities that until now may have eluded you