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"Successful Investing Is About Managing Risk, Not Avoiding It”
Benjamin Graham

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X Group Investment Company brings new profit opportunities to the Global investor

In a dynamic and ever-changing world,  by leveraging international connections and the entrepreneurial ability of a team of quality experts.

We bring you the X factor, the same advantage that makes investments accessible to our clients in a variety of fields, industries and countries and is not limited to the local market alone or at the mercy of the economy.

The international connections we have built over more than thirty years, together with insights and strategies that we have developed and perfected, among other things, to successfully deal with extreme situations, such as wars, growth and stagnation, financial crises, COVID-19, are our way to ensure your vision

Global Presence

Expanding reach and impact across digital platforms worldwide


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Diverse Portfolio

Our investment strategies offer a diverse range of opportunities, allowing investors to spread their risk and potentially maximize returns

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals who provide personalized advice and insights to help navigate volatile markets and make informed investment decisions

Global Reach

Gain access to global markets and emerging opportunities, leveraging our extensive network and research capabilities to capitalize on diverse economic trends and growth prospects


We Bring You The X Factor​

Our team of experienced executives & consultants

David Rokach

Amihai Segal

Coral Mizrachi

Menny Shalom

Shaked Winkler

Amir Adibi

Innovation and Flexibility

Embracing Change: Innovating and Adapting in Investment

In the investment world, being stagnant and rigid is not an option. A successful investment house needs to be innovative and flexible, focusing on research and development of new investment portfolios and being ready to adapt its strategy to the ever-changing market reality.

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