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Index products

Index fund management involves strategically tracking specific market indices, like the S&P 500 or Dow Jones Industrial Average, to replicate their performance. The goal is to mirror the index's composition and weightings while minimizing tracking errors and costs

Passive Investment Approach

In a passive investment approach, index fund managers seek to offer investors broad market exposure, diversification, and consistent long-term returns. This makes index fund management appealing to those who prefer a low-cost, low-maintenance investment strategy aligned with their financial objectives

Active Investment Approach

In contrast, active investment approaches such as the Shiller model utilize indices as "building blocks" with periodic re-balancing. This strategy aims to achieve superior returns by actively managing investments based on market trends and opportunities

Sample Products

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Sample products

Single Index:

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X AppleS&P 500
 MEGA 30


X Shiller

Mega 30​

Your ultimate solution for unmatched performance and efficiency in one powerful package

The S&P 500 Bond Mega 30 Investment Grade Index is composed of 30 bonds, representing the largest investment grade issuances from S&P 500 issuers. The bonds are selected from the S&P 500 Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index.

X Apple

X Apple, a diversified index tracking fund, offers a professional investment opportunity with the potential for superior returns.

The fund is strategically exposed to 5 cutting-edge stock indices, including ESG, AI, Blockchain Tech/Crypto, S&P 500, and NASDAQ.

Its investment managers are confident that in the long run it will outperform traditional indices such as the Dow Jones due to its focus on innovative technologies with substantial growth potential.

This makes it an enticing choice for investors seeking a sophisticated and high-performing investment strategy in today’s dynamic market landscape.

Shiller Index​

X Apple, a diversified index tracking fund, offers a professional investment opportunity with the potential for superior returns.

The Shiller CAPE (Cyclically Adjusted Price-to-Earnings) ratio, developed by economist and Nobel prize winner Robert Shiller, is a valuation measure that assesses stock market valuation by considering earnings over a 10-year period adjusted for inflation. It provides a long-term perspective on market valuation, aiming to smooth out short-term fluctuations and offer insights into whether stocks are overvalued or undervalued based on historical earnings data. into whether stocks are overvalued or undervalued based on historical earnings data.


X Apple, a diversified index tracking fund, offers a professional investment opportunity with the potential for superior returns.

ISIN stands for the International Securities Identification Number, which is a unique code used to identify specific securities such as stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments.

This standardized code consists of 12 characters and helps facilitate the efficient trading and settlement of securities on a global scale by providing a uniform way to identify individual securities across different markets. ISINs play a crucial role in securities trading, portfolio management, and regulatory reporting by ensuring accurate and reliable identification of financial instruments, which is essential for tracking ownership, facilitating transactions, and complying with regulatory requirements in the financial industry.


American Fund Management

Actively Managed Certificates

AMCs have gained popularity for their flexibility and cost-efficiency, offering a diverse range of assets under an ISIN. Quick launches, minimal issuance costs, and low entry barriers make them attractive to institutional investors

Key Advantages of AMCs

AMCs provide ongoing management benefits and customizable portfolios, distributed according to subscribed capital. They operate outside Swiss collective investment scheme regulations, offering unique opportunities to investors

A Unique Investment Approach

This passive investment approach aims to provide broad market exposure and consistent returns, making it ideal for those seeking a low-cost strategy aligned with their financial goals


Cultivating Leadership and Collaboration​

Our team of experienced executives & consultants

Ganna Khaimova

As the founder of AFM I’m fortunate to assemble a team of experienced executives & consultants. They bring decades of background & know-how as global investors, fund managers, asset allocation & regulatory issues experts. At X TECH, we’re dedicated to investing in cutting-edge technologies such as Israeli defense tech,AI, IoT, smart energy solutions, and more. We support companies entering the US market or establishing hubs in China and Singapore, offering strategic guidance and resources. Our team ensures portfolio companies navigate global complexities for sustained growth. With a focus on innovative technologies, we offer compelling opportunities for investors in today's dynamic market.

Amihai Segal

Amihai, a seasoned senior advisor and founder of the Forum Group, has advised 200+ companies. With an MBA from Tel Aviv University studies in NYU Stern and Wharton, he was the first to introduce in Israel access to products managed by the best and largest asset managers including Vanguard, Wellington and Aberdeen. His Group established together with Bank of America an international listed platform managing many funds.

Menny Shalom

With over two decades of experience as a seasoned investor, I hold a license as an Investment Manager in the USA. My extensive background reflects a deep understanding and proficiency in the intricacies of investment management.

Amir Adibi

With a wealth of experience in licensed portfolio management and consulting since 2002, I furthered my skills by completing the Directors Course at Hamil College in 2011. Serving as an external director in multiple companies, I have cultivated extensive knowledge in the capital market and finances. Building international business connections has been a cornerstone of my professional journey. Additionally, my expertise extends to recruiting investors and funds, showcasing my adeptness in high-level management and entrepreneurship.