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Albert Einstein
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MIA Dynamics

MIA Dynamics is the owner of several inventions protected by an International Patent Application filed under the PCT and pending worldwide, and a number of pending design applications and registered designs.

B. Rimon Agencies

Global HLS Agencies Solutions: Command vehicles, communication trailers, turn-key projects encompassing cellular COWs, covert ops vehicles, SWAT trucks, UAV centers, energy-efficient hybrid systems, lighting solutions.


MOTOMOVA owns cutting-edge automotive, motor testing, app development, and EV motor testing tech. With a future-focused vision, MOTOMOVA drives innovation and collaboration to shape tomorrow's tech landscape

Make it Anywhere

MIA Dynamics delivers a revolutionary all-terrain quad wheel platform that is tailored to the smart mobility landscape.

The MIA Dynamics brand will be a leader in contributing to a cleaner environment, and delivering an exhilarating riding experience that is safer and smarter.


Building Trust Through Transparency and Ethical Conduct

Motomea, formerly known as MEA Testing Systems, stands as a global leader renowned for its innovation, extensive experience, and expertise in developing, manufacturing, and supplying cutting-edge testing solutions for Electric Rotating Machines. Our comprehensive range includes Testing Systems and Dynamometers, featuring flagship offerings like the Regenerative Dynamometer System (RDS) and the patented Inertial Dynamometer System (IDS).
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B. Rimon Agencies

Command vehicles and mobile communication trailers for HLS (security) agencies, worldwide: Turn-key projects include in-house engineering, production & integration of: cellular COWs, covert operations vehicles, mobile bank branches, SWAT trucks, UAV ground centers and logistics, satellite TV News vans, field laboratories, VIP escort vans etc. Rescue trailers, Energy & Lighting trailers, logistics trailers.
* subject to final closing

Creating Long-term Value

Investing for Tomorrow

A good investment house focuses on creating value for its clients over the long term. This includes building investment portfolios that aim for high returns and optimal investment sustainability over an extended period.