Investment in Value Stocks: The fund invests in stocks considered “undervalued.” These stocks belong to companies with strong balance sheets, stable cash flows, and positive future outlooks but are traded at prices lower than their intrinsic value. The fund believes that these stocks have the potential to yield high returns in the medium term.

Market Trends Identification

The fund also invests in companies operating in sectors that become more or less interesting due to various factors such as regulations, profitability, or government investments. The fund believes that these companies may yield high returns in the long run.

Hedging Financial Stability, Together

Investing for Tomorrow

The fund uses leverage to mitigate its risks. Hedging is a method of reducing investment risk by purchasing assets or contracts against potential losses. The fund employs leveraging to protect itself from market fluctuations in stock prices.

Fundamental Analysis

The fund is based on fundamental analysis of stock prices. Fundamental analysis is a method of assessing the value of an asset based on internal factors such as the company’s balance sheet, cash flows, and future prospects. The fund believes that fundamental analysis is the best way to evaluate the value of a stock.

Limited Exposure: Net exposure is a measure that indicates the amount of money the fund invests in stocks. The X Capital fund is limited to a net exposure of 150%, meaning the fund can invest up to 1.5 times its available capital. This limitation is designed to minimize the fund’s risk.